Keep going Ramola. You speak for so many. xx

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Aug 6, 2022Liked by Ramola D

Sad to hear of all the harassment, abuse, and theft of freedom that have befallen you for all these years. To add insult to injury, this assault on you came at taxpayer expense, by people employed to supposedly serve you, the public. If this was a movie on tv, it would be hard to believe the USA could be so evil and citizens could have so little recourse. Thank you for sharing your personal nightmare. I wish you all the best!

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This great post should be shocking. It is not. Hopefully information like this gets out to Americans and people worldwide. Perhaps the people of this world will rise up and refuse to become slaves. They are attacking us anyway whether we stand up or not so those thinking they are protected are in error.

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Umm. The top of that re-post states your name, the original publication date and your photo exactly as it is in your original article:

Ramola D

Aug 6, 2022 .......... for photo, your name, etc., see: https://globalcommunityweekly.substack.com/p/the-larger-crime-behind-the-kidnapping ............ then, at the bottom of the re-post is: and I quote: ramolad.substack.com/p/the-larger-crime-behind-the-kidnapping-e76

Plain Speaking

The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It's Really Brought To Light

For several years, when the insistent planes, drones, and helicopters first razed the skies over my neighborhood starting in late 2013, intensifying in 2014 and continuing until 2020, when they took on a slightly different flavor but never disappeared, I sought to find out more with FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, some made by letter-mail, m…

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8 months ago · 11 likes · 17 comments · Ramola D .............. a link (the reference to) the website of the original article citing you yet again ................ but if this is all about copyrighting and making money for yourself for your pockets then I have no problem deleting that re-post, never re-posting anything from you ever again and never even mentioning your name as a genuine TI ever again. Would that help you to make more money for yourself off of this article?

Note, I was cancelled, blackballed, blacklisted, de-platformed and disappeared by the Stripe Payment Processing Money Changers Corporation of San Francisco CA (yes, the one and only payment processing corporation for substack) so I earn exactly $0.00 per year for my substack page, Global Community Weekly (GloCom) at substack ..... since having been blacklisted, de-platformed and disappeared by the Stripe Payment Processing (monopoly) Corporation a long long time ago....... yet I see and get the vibes that substack and that monopoly, the Stripe Payment Processing Corporation are big big money makers for you. And what could be more important than money Ramola? All the best, Buck W.

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Have you watched any of monkeywerx' Sitrep videos on YT? He uses 2 or 3 different flight trackers, and I think 1 or 2 of those do not require payments or a subscription. If you watch Monkey, you'll see how he uses them, and thus gain more information on the flight traffic, if you do not use any of these already.

Also, this fellow - http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/ - has a lot of experience with the surveillance, and harassment. He details some of it along with his daily posts of articles of note. You'll find his what-to-look-for tutorial I guess you could call it, on the surveillance apparatus on the right side of his blog, under Interesting Links, just under the green icon labeled Pay with BTC pay. His site will say Not Secure at the top, but that is because websites can apply for a secure certification, it's a yearly fee that is renewed, so if the website owner spaces the renewal fee, or decides they do not want to go along with the ruse any longer, a website will say it isn't secure.

I earned some more about this going over your website. Thank you for posting.

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Excellent write up. Outlines the many often unsuspected truths about that entity we call "government". True of the US government, most other governments and most leading corporations and institutions. When the YMCA, American Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund are stakeholder capitalist partners in the World Economic Forum we know we have reached "Peak Totalitarianism". Directed Weapons seem to be used against all of us now.

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Are you okay? Not many posts since this one.

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Ramola D my name is Joseph Robert Cronin Sr. I’m 46 and from upstate New York and the exact situation you’ve described about being help against your will has happened to me as well. I have been targeted for around seven years five or take a few months . I have have been diagnosed with stage four non Hodgkin’s lymphoma eight months after this nightmare began and I’m certain It was because of these C I A clowns . I have many things that so have figured out that I would love to discuss with you personally I am a big fan and think everything you do is very brave and admirable and have a great deal of respect for you !!! I plead with you to please give me a call so we can chat at (607)349-9137 please and thank you...

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